Our Approach

Let's Talk Let's Eat Speech Pathology (LTLE) is a small, dedicated team of speech pathologists passionate about helping children reach their potential.

We are mums, dads, aunties, and cousins who work hard to support each LTLE family as our own.

Our Story

Founding speech pathologists, Renee and Caroline, first met whilst studying anatomy at the University of Queensland.

More than 10 years later, after settling on opposite sides of Brisbane, they decided to set up a practice together that would help children in Redlands and North Brisbane meet their communication and feeding potential.

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Meet the Team


This is us! We are fun, we are passionate, and we are serious about helping your child meet their communication, and feeding potential.

Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Renee

Renee Cansdale

Founder & Clinical Lead Feeding 

Renee is an experienced speech pathologist who loves to work with early language and feeding populations. Renee has an extraordinary ability to achieve feeding, language, and literacy goals through play.

Renee has three young children and fluffy moodle named Mia.

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Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Caroline

Caroline Ferris

Founder & Clinical Lead Communication

Caroline is an experienced, caring speech pathologist and mother of two, who loves working with all ages and aspects of communication. She has a keen interest in school aged language delay and disorders.

Before working with children, Caroline completed a PhD in the area of adult stroke and has a fascination with the brain and how it works.

Caroline is also a Hanen More than Words certified therapist, is trained in the SOS approach to feeding and is a Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Sylvie

Sylvie Humphries

Administration Support

Sylvie is our Administration Support. With years of experience she is our help behind the scene.

Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Lishelle

Lishelle Nastro

Lishelle is a friendly and approachable speech pathologist who enjoys supporting clients, and their families, to reach their speech, language, literacy and communication goals. She has a background of working in speech pathology research, as well as providing speech pathology services to adult and paediatric clients.

Lishelle is a PROMPT trained therapist and a Certified Practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Janet

Janet Ottaviano

Janet is a Speech Pathologist with experience supporting both adults and children with their communication needs, including speech sound disorders, language disorders and literacy. Janet has a special interest in early language development and motor speech disorders and is passionate about supporting families to play an integral part in their child's speech and language development.

Janet is a Hanen 'It Takes Two to Talk' and 'More Than Words' therapist and is a Certified Practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Joanne

Joanne Wilkinson

Joanne is an experienced speech pathologist who enjoys working with children of all ages to support their speech, language, literacy and complex communication needs.

Joanne is loving the opportunity to work with the team at Let’s Talk, Let’s Eat to provide family centred support to north Brisbane clients.

Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Cassie

Cassie Buckley

Cassie enjoys working with clients, and their families, to reach their speech, language and literacy goals. She is a friendly and engaging therapist who strives to provide a welcoming and happy environment for therapy.

Cassie has a teaching background with many years of experience working with school age children. She has an interest in languages and speaks Indonesian.

Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Erin

Erin Nicklin

Erin is a speech pathologist who uses a family-centred approach to support families of young children to meet their communication goals. Erin has experience working with children with hearing loss, speech sound disorders, developmental language disorder, and school aged language.

Erin is a PROMPT trained and Hanen It Takes Two to Talk certified therapist, and is a Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Let's Talk, Let's Eat Speech Pathology_Liz

Liz Ho

Liz is a Speech Pathologist who is passionate about providing early intervention for children with speech and language delays, and has a particular interest in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and children who use Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices to support their communication.

Liz has previously enjoyed working on the Gold Coast, and has been trained in the implementation of the Pictures Exchange Communication system (PECs) and PROMPT. Liz enjoys building strong and lasting relationships with clients and their families.


Cassie Willcox

Cassie looks after our families based in the Mackay Region. Cassie is a speech pathologist who enjoys working with younger children and their families to develop their overall communication skills.

She has four years experience working with clients in the home, school and clinic settings to achieve speech, language and literacy goals.

Cassie enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter and has recently taken up sewing as a hobby.

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